Superstorm Sandy 6 Months Later

There's a new report on another aspect of the damage Hurricane Sandy caused to the Northeast.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports from New York:

Superstorm Sandy 6 Months Later

When Hurricane Sandy hit six months ago:

(Sandy Witness) "We actually watched the ocean come right down the street."

Devastating the Jersey Shore and parts of New York:

(Sandy Victim) "We lost everything."

Her home among the thousands destroyed.

But the storm also polluted the Northeast, releasing 11 billion gallons of sewage, a third of it raw, into bodies of water from Washington DC to Connecticut.

A study by the science journalism group Climate Central says Sandy inundated treatment facilities and the cost to repair the damage could be nearly $5 billion.

As a visual aid, Climate Central says the amount of sewage spilled would entirely swamp New York's Central Park and be 41 feet deep.

In New York, Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.