Vipps World of Nonsense: What the F..AA is going on here ?!!?

What the FAA is going on here?!

Due to the government’s sequestration program, the FAA has had to enforce cuts in its service which have resulted in delayed flights all across the country.

I wonder if these guys have really thought this through because could our safety be compromised through these cuts and would this also have an impact on tourism revenue this summer?

Here’s what I dont understand. We pay our taxes every time we buy an air ticket, for which we expect a reasonable amount of service. Taxing us is one thing but NOT getting what we pay for is totally another.

And guess what: while the politicians and the FAA keep blaming each other, we have to deal with flight delays, frustrating trips –and if that wasn’t enough– looking totally ridiculous in the eyes of the rest of the world.

And here’s more nonsense: the Washington airports have been spared the impact of the cuts. So we suffer, while our politicians don’t.

This is not sequestration. It’s more like castration!

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