Choline Heart Health

Is too much of a good thing bad for your health?  According to a study in the newest New England Journal of Medicine, something vital for your health can harm your health.

FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig explains:

Choline is an essential nutrient that keeps your liver from getting too fatty, but too much of it increases your risk for heart disease.  Study co-author Dr. Stanley Hazen at the Cleveland Clinic says that fact, by itself, isn't a huge surprise.

(Dr. Hazen) "Foods that tend to run high in cholesterol and fat also tend to run high in phosphatidylcholine."

...Things like egg yolks and fatty meats.  The surprise is the way intestinal bacteria interact with the choline.

(Dr. Hazen) "The gut flora is playing a role in the development of a metabolite in humans that's linked to heart disease risk."

This increases the hope of a blood test for heart disease risk that focuses on this metabolite.

Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.