Boston Marathon Homegrown Threats

The investigation into last week's bombings at the Boston Marathon and subsequent violent manhunt has moved onto Capitol Hill, where questions about potential ties to terror organizations persist.

FOX's Catherine Herridge reports from Washington in our ongoing series on national security:

Securing America.

After the closed door meeting with an assistant director with the FBI, both Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee say it is too early in the Boston bombers investigation to rule out overseas ties.  Ranking member Saxby Chambliss:

(Sen. Chambliss) "They constructed the weapons inside the United States.  Did they have some sort of training, or inspiration, or coaching inside or outside the United States?  That's all still under investigation.  We don't have the answer to it yet."

The Senators also telling reporters that the FBI is reconstructing Tamerlan's six months in Russia.

In Washington, Catherine Herridge, FOX News Radio.