Boston Marathion Explosions

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been charged with using weapon of mass destruction in the Boston Marathon bombing attack. The 19-year-old suspect made an initial appearance in front of a federal magistrate judge on Monday in his room at Beth Israel Hospital. No plea has been entered at this time, but Tsarnaev was read his Miranda rights.

According to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, the surviving Boston bombing suspect will not be treated as an enemy combatant.

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Boston begins to heal and starts down the road to recovery from last week's deadly bombings. A moment of silence was held Monday at 2:50pm ET  statewide in Massachusetts honoring the four people killed and 180 injured at the hands of terrorists. But there are still many questions surrounding the attack as one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects remains in serious condition in the hospital.

FOX News Radio's Jeff Monosso reports from Boston, Massachusetts:

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It's a new day here in Boston.

(Boston Resident) "I think it kind of feels a lot, a lot better to kind of have our lives back."

But there's so much to take in. What transpired here the last week from the bombings on Boylston Street, to the chase to save limbs and lives, to the most dramatic manhunt in our nation's history. Boston wakes up today, breathing a little easier.

(Boston Resident) "Yeah, I mean, I think there's still kind of that tension in the air, but they got them."

Though many questions remain. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is still in serious condition at Beth Israel Hospital. A special interrogation team from the FBI not yet able to talk to him about what he knows. In particular: how he was trained, what terrorist group -- if any -- was he working with, and are there more attacks planned?

Boston Marathon-Five Days of Fear

Boston PD Commissioner Ed Davis telling FOX News the suspects...

(Davis) "Clearly had other explosives. They detonated those explosives at the scene of the arrest and shootout in Watertown. We feel that they had plans to use those explosives, possibly on soft targets."

In Boston, Jeff Monosso, FOX News Radio.

WATCH for more on the manhunt for the bombing suspects in Boston:

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