The man known as Boston Marathon bombing Suspect #2 has been captured alive by police.


 FOX News Radio's Courtney Kealy has more from Boston:

Boston Police say the second suspect from the Boston Marathon bombings is in custody. This after reports that he was in the backyard of a residential home hiding in a boat in Watertown. The SWAT team had pulled back and sent in a robot. There were  reports of sounds on the scene like blasts from possible explosions or flash-bangs and gunshots. The 19 year-old suspect has been on the run since the early hours of Friday morning, after his 26 year-old brother, his accomplice was killed in clashes with law enforcement and pronounced dead from gunshots and the trauma from blasts from explosives. 

In Boston, Massachusetts, Courtney Kealy, FOX News Radio.



Editor's Note: The FBI held a briefing Thursday, seeking the public's help, releasing images of the two suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombing.  On Thursday night, Suspect #1 was killed. Suspect #2 spent a majority of the day Friday on the run.

Courtesy: FBI
Courtesy: FBI

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