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As the investigation continues into the deadly explosions at the Boston Marathon, those who are far from home have been spending the hours since checking on family and friends.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper is in Germany, where she caught up with one Bostonian:

Eva Millona is spending the week here, at a conference, in Berlin.  She learned about the bombing in her hometown when she got an email during a meeting.  One of the first was from her niece.

(Millona) "'I left the area about half an hour before the explosion.'  And another one was another friend: 'Oh,' he said. 'I was just a block away.'"

Millona says she walks by the blast site on her way to work everyday.

(Millona) "The amount of sadness, it's beyond words at this point, you know.  You see your city, you see the smoke, you see people.  I just wanted to be there with everybody.  Just so, so hard."

She'll be reunited with those she loves this weekend, when she travels back to Boston.

In Berlin, Germany, Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.