HE SHOULD HAVE WITHDRAWN!  Golfing legend Greg Norman joined Brian Kilmeade on his radio show Kilmeade and Friends and weighed in on Tiger Woods and his illegal drop at the Masters.  Norman believes that Tiger should have withdrawn from the competition.  Norman told Brian that there is, "No question about it, I would have withdrawn.  I have done it before, withdrawn when I was leading a golf tournament...The game of golf is bigger than anybody else." 

Norman explained that Tiger, "should have known the rules...you have to drop the ball to the nearest spot where you last hit.  He did not."  Norman continued, "I have never seen such a polarization of opinions in our game of golf in my history after that moment and what happened...and why didn't he withdraw."   Norman believes that there is no gray area here, this will never go away because of the magnitude of the moment, who it was, and the position Tiger represented in the game of golf.  Was it an intentional rules infraction?  Absolutely not.  But Tiger got an advantage and in golf you don't seek an advantage that other golfers do not get.