AFMW: Father John Hotze

On Thursday, April 11th, President Obama awards the Congressional Medal of Honor to Army Chaplain Captain Emil Kapaun for valor in the Korean War where he died as a prisoner of war in 1950. Fox News Radio White House Correspondent Mike Majchrowitz spends a few moments with Father John Hotze, an expert on the heroic life of this “soldiers’ chaplain.” Father Kapaun ministered from the front lines, once having his pipe shot out from his mouth. He volunteered to stay behind with wounded soldiers despite knowing he would fall into the hands of the communist North Korean and Chinese forces. In prison he was known as “the good thief”, covertly pilfering prison camp supplies to help the malnourished and abused American and allied prisoners. Ultimately, he perished in the camp. Father Kapaun also discusses how Chaplain Kapaun is in line for an honor even higher than the Congressional Medal of Honor.