Securing America - Eric Harroun

A former U.S. Army soldier faces life in prison, charged with using a weapon of mass destruction.  But supporters say he's being railroaded.

FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson reports he will appear before a judge today:

Securing America

Securing America.

30-year-old Phoenix native Eric Harroun joined a rebel group in Syria earlier this year.

(E. Harroun) "Bashar Assad, this is what's left of your Air Force!"

Harroun took video of himself going after a downed Syrian helicopter.  But while he fought against the Syrian government - which the U.S. opposes - Harroun apparently fought with a rebel group that the U.S. says is affiliated with al-Qaeda.

(D. Harroun) "Absolutely not.  He would never do that."

...Harroun's father, Darryl, defending his son.  Eric Harroun's also accused of firing a rocket-propelled grenade while in Syria.  That, according to U.S. law, is illegal, regardless of where it happens.

In Washington, Rich Johnson, FOX News Radio.