Food-Meat Labels

Some familiar names at the butcher counter are being changed.

FOX News Radio's Ron Flatter reports:

Food-Meat Labels

It's been the sort of thing you might see made fun of on late-night television.

(Letterman) "Know your cuts of meat! Here we go..."

David Letterman  from Worldwide Pants and CBS.

Now working with the government, groups that look after pork and beef are renaming more than 350 cuts. They found that shoppers are confused by names like boneless shoulder top blade and pork butt. They would be known flatiron steak and Boston roast. The goal is to have these new names showing up by this summer, but usage is voluntary.

Oh, in case you're wondering, chicken names aren't changing. Wings and legs... will be wings and legs.

Ron Flatter, FOX News Radio.