Police Rifles

More instances of criminals using high-powered assault rifles has police officers around the country looking to even the playing field.

FOX's Jonathan Serrie reports from Atlanta:

Police Weapons

Guns in America.

Shootings involving criminals with high-powered firearms, such as the ones in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut, are prompting many law enforcement agencies to upgrade their weapons.

(Chief Hughes) "You know the old saying, 'You don't wanna take a knife to a gun fight.'  Well, it's the same situation when you talk about an officer going into a confrontation with a suspect - with a handgun - up against an assault rifle."

That's Police Chief Jeff Hughes of Brentwood, Tennessee, where local businesses and individuals donated enough money to outfit each patrol officer with an AR-15 rifle in 2002, after a well-armed bank robber shot and injured two cops.

This year, police in neighboring Nashville began allowing some officers to carry their personal semi-automatic rifles on the job, that in response to a series of high-profile mass shootings around the country in 2012.

In Atlanta, Jonathan Serrie, FOX News Radio.

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