Fargo Flood Outlook

They're preparing for a wet Spring in Fargo, North Dakota, with the Red River on the rise...again.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper has more:

Fargo Flood Outlook

The Red River could go 20 feet above flood stage this Spring, so Fargo officials are opening "Sandbag Central."

("Sandbag Central") "So, you can go ahead and grab the gloves..."

Flooding Insurance

While Moorhead, Minnesota will use a few hundred thousand sandbags left over from a previous flood, Fargo officials say they need to lay about one million of them.

(Fargo Official) "We made great progress from 2009, so we don't have as many areas to get into.  We have great infrastructure progress, as well, with our pumps and our different issues we have done throughout the city.  And we do have a lot of dikes up that are on the drains in different areas."

The Red River's record crest is 41 feet, back in 2009.

Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.