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The worst kept secret in television is a secret no more.  Jay Leno is out as "The Tonight Show" host, and the shake-up continues with the staff, with NBC's late-night guru Lorne Michaels - of "Saturday Night Live" and Jimmy Fallon's current "Late Night" show - taking over as producer when Leno leaves.

FOX News Radio's Entertainment Correspondent Sabrina Sabbagh reports:

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - Season 4

Jay Leno has less than a year left to be the host of  "The Tonight Show."  NBC has confirmed that in February, Jimmy Fallon will take over.

(Fallon/Leno) "We're still friends, right?" // "Yeah, of course we're still friends." // "That's good."

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Leno and Fallon have been making jokes about the rumors for weeks on their respective shows, but now there's no more speculation.  Fallon will be the show's sixth host and all these rumors about the show moving to New York are true.

It's deja vu for Leno, but he says the main difference between this time and the other time with Conan O'Brien is that he's part of the process, adding, "This time, it feels right."

Sabrina Sabbagh, FOX News Radio.

Read a statement from NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg on "The Tonight Show" moving back to New York:

"We're thrilled 'The Tonight Show' is returning home to New York City, and it's the perfect symbol of incredible comeback we've worked to create in our city's film and television industry. Not since the since the invention of television has so much production been based in our city, which is creating good-paying jobs for New Yorkers in all five boroughs. Today, more than 130,000 New Yorkers make their living working behind the scenes on productions - a 30 percent increase over the past decade, and the numbers continue to grow. 'The Tonight Show' will bring even more jobs and economic activity to our city - and we couldn't be happier that one of New York's own is bringing the show back to where it started - and where it belongs."

The NYC Mayor's Office also sent out this Tweet: 

Read a statement from NY Governor Andrew Cuomo on "The Tonight Show" moving back to New York City:

"On behalf of all New Yorkers, I am pleased to welcome The Tonight Show back to its first home here in the Empire State. As one of the longest running television shows in American history, The Tonight Show is an iconic production that has entertained countless fans of late-night television generation after generation. The original Tonight Show ushered in the modern era of television, broadcast here from New York. It is only fitting that as The Tonight Show returns to our state, it will be headlined by New York's own native son and resident, Jimmy Fallon. Today's announcement builds on the recent surge of television and film production happening here in New York that has restored our state as a global film production capital and driven the creation of new jobs and business growth throughout the state. I welcome The Tonight Show home."