Superstorm Sandy - NJ

Now that we're into April, time is beginning to run short for the beach communities along the Jersey Shore - towns that were hit hard by Superstorm Sandy, some of which are still struggling to get back on their feet.

FOX's Shepard Smith reports from Seaside Heights, New Jersey:

Superstorm NJ

The Jersey Shore is coming back.

(Sound of hammering)

Construction crews hammering away here in Seaside Heights, rebuilding the world-famous boardwalk.  Five months after Superstorm Sandy wrecked this resort town, it's a race against time to get the boardwalk and beach areas up and running by Memorial Day Weekend.

(Akers) "You're gonna be on the boardwalk.  You're gonna have all the smells and the sights that go with that experience."

...Seaside Mayor Bill Akers.


(Sound of construction)

There's still a lot more work to do; homes and businesses to repair.

Sandy - Roller Coaster

And that roller coaster that fell into the ocean is still out there.

In Seaside Heights, New Jersey, Shepard Smith, FOX News Radio.

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