F-22 - Korea

The U.S. is hardly flinching as North Korea keeps on threatening, taking part in more war games in Asia.

FOX News Radio's Jared Halpern reports on the U.S.'s latest move from Washington:

F-22 - Korea

F-22 stealth fighters joining military drills in South Korea.  The Raptors deployed from Japan, and after North Korea said it has entered a "state of war."

Technically, North Korea and South Korea have been at war for 60 years.  Still, the U.S. showing off its firepower, last week sending a stealth bomber on a non-stop flight from Missouri to the Korean peninsula.  North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, meantime, declaring his country's nuclear program is a top priority.

Despite recent rhetoric, military analysts suggest full-scale conflict is unlikely.

In Washington, Jard Halpern, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on the U.S. sending stealth fighters to South Korea:

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Navy (File Photo)
Navy (File Photo)

Editor's Note:  FOX News confirms with a U.S. Defense Official -- the U.S. Navy has moved one Ballistic Missile Defense destroyer off the coast of the Korean Peninsula.  It's still in the vicinity of the South China, so closer to South Korea rather than North Korea.  This an Aegis equipped U.S. destroyer (which means it can shoot down missile launches).

FOX's James Rosen has more on this developing story:

The move follows weeks of escalating rhetoric from North Korea's youthful dictator, Kim Jong Un, yet White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters the U.S. does not see that the North is mobilizing large numbers of troops or taking other measures that typically precede the launching of a war.

Carney: "What that disconnect between the rhetoric and action means, I'll leave to the analysts to judge."

To further dissuade the North from launching any attacks on South Korea or the U.S., the Pentagon last week used the B-2 Bomber, which can unload nuclear weapons in joint military exercises with the South.

In Washington, James Rosen, FOX News Radio.

Watch the VIDEO below for more on this story:

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