Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton is stepping away from politics after leaving her post as Secretary of State, but a question on many people's mind: Is she eyeing a bigger office?

FOX News Radio's Steve Taylor has more on her latest moves:

Just before she left office as Secretary of State, Clinton was grilled by ABC's Barbara Walters.

(Walters/Clinton) "You know your husband wants you to run in 2016.  What do you say to him?" // "He wants me to do what I want to do."

Publicly undecided, perhaps, but the New York Times reports that Clinton has set up what she calls a "transition office" with a staff of half-a-dozen people.  Backers have set up a political action committee, "Ready for Hillary."  Campaign donors tell the Times that they're ready to start writing checks.

Clinton is said to be sincere in saying she's undecided.

(Clinton) "Some of what I want to do is just kick back."

Steve Knight, FOX News Radio.