Barack Obama, Benjamin Netayahu

President Obama beginning his visit to Israel on Wednesday, and solidarity seems to be the focus.

FOX News Radio's Mike Majchrowitz reports from Jerusalem:

Barack Obama

The President disembarked apparently eager to begin the first foreign trip of his second term, joking here with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

(Obama) "Rest for these two days. It's good to get away from Congress."

The President saying it's good to get away from Congress. This trip may be more about imagery than what's called deliverables. The White House saying the President is not bringing any new peace proposals. Instead this will be used as an opportunity to show solidarity with Israel after a bumpy first term relationship. The Israelis just formed a new government and it's unclear what this coalition will mean for the peace process.

In Jerusalem, Mike Majchrowitz, FOX News Radio.

Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu

President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu held a joint press conference Wednesday afternoon, discussing Israel's right and ability to defend itself, Syria and Iran's nuclear program.

FOX News Radio's Emily Wither reports from Jerusalem:

The situation in Syria and Iran's nuclear program dominating discussions.  President Obama warning the Syrian leader that if it's proved he used chemical weapons, he would be held accountable.  He also reassured Israel:

(President Obama) "We also share Israel's grave concern about the transfer of chemical or other weapons systems to terrorists, such as Hezbollah, that might be used against Israel."

On Iran, President Obama said there was still time to solve the situation diplomatically.  But the Israeli Prime Minister thanked the President for appreciating that the Jewish State would never surrender the right to defend itself, even to the greatest of friends.

In Jerusalem, Emily Wither, FOX News Radio.

LISTEN to President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu discuss the relationship between the U.S. & Israel:

Barack Obama

Now that President Obama has started his Middle East trip, what do Israelis and Palestinians hope to come out of it?

FOX News Radio's Emily Wither reports from Jerusalem:

A recent opinion poll here shows that just over 60% of the Israeli public think the President is somewhat hostile towards them. And that same number does not believe he'll reignite the peace process with the Palestinians.

Here in Jerusalem, residents are viewing the visit as bit of a headache ahead of Passover with many roads closed:

(Jerusalem Resident) "The blocking of the streets. Not a very easy thing and not convenient for me."

In the West Bank I saw nearly all the posters of President Obama on the way to Ramallah had been defaced. Palestinians have been protesting his visit holding signs that read "No Hope".

In Jerusalem, Emily Wither, FOX News Radio.

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