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Thursday marks the first full day for Pope Francis as leader of the Catholic Church, and he began the day in the humble fashion that he is known for.  Among the first stops for the new Pope, a prayer for the Virgin Mary at the St. Mary Major Basilica in Rome, as well as returning to the Rome residence that he stayed in – as Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio – before moving into the dorms at the Vatican for the conclave, picking up his bags and offering to pay his tab.

LISTEN to prayers at St. Mary Major Basilica during the visit of Pope Francis:

FOX News Radio’s Simon Owen has more on the new Pope from Rome:

Saint Francis was famous for turning down wealth in order to live a life of poverty and Pope Francis is known for his work with the poor in his native Buenos Aires.  He turned down his Papal limousine after being elected last night, instead riding the bus with the other cardinals.

In Rome, Simon Owen, FOX News Radio.

Italy Pope

If you’re not Catholic, should you really care that the world has a new Pope?  Jewish and Muslim leaders say yes, arguing that Pope Francis will be very important for those communities, as well.

FOX News Radio’s Emily Wither spoke with a Rabbi and an Imam in Jerusalem’s Old City:

Together, Islam and Catholicism represent about 40% of the world’s population and their relationship has often been shaped in conflict.  Islamist scholar Imam Mustafa Abu Sway says for Muslims, what the Pope says is essential to fighting Islamiphobia and improving relations.

(Imam Abu Sway) “A person in the position of the Pope could really alleviate the conditions for the Muslims.”

For the Jewish community, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin says they must work with the new Pope to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

(Rabbi Riskin) “In this war, Jews and Christians stand together.  We represent one religious platform.”

In Jerusalem, Emily Wither, FOX News Radio.

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