Courtesy: Fox 2 News
Courtesy: Fox 2 News

A Detroit area first grader has a talent... but has been told that he can't show it off in the school talent show. Why?

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper explains:

When seven-year-old Erich Henze cups his hands under his armpits he can let er' rip...

He's excited about being able to make body noise that way and wants everyone else to see it. So, he got a signed permission slip for the upcoming school talent show. But the principal says the simulated gas routine is a bit foul, so no go on stage. "Inappropriate" is the word used.

(Erich Henze) "...It's funny. It's not inappropriate."

Erich's mom, Emily, has seen his act...

(Mother) "He can armpit fart, he can leg fart, neck fart, ear fart. It's a pretty good act, real funny. I don't think anyone would do anything but laugh."

Erich's friend Xavier supports him too...

(Xavier) "I think its actually kind of pretty cool, they should let him try out."

As it stands, Erich will have to watch the show from the audience, but that hasn't stopped him from performing at home.

Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.

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