Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was very involved with social media, but with a new Pope comes a new social media game-plan.

FOX News Radio's Sabrina Sabbagh reports in our ongoing series: 

The Catholic Church has always made an effort to reach out to its parishioners.  And over the last couple years and especially months the Catholic Church became globally accessible by creating Facebook accounts, a smartphone app and even a Twitter account.

(Mowlavi) "Within the first six weeks, he had 1.5 million followers. The impact and the message is there and his ability to reach the changing demographic within the Church is certainly one that has lead to them tweeting."

Digital media specialist, Zubin Mowlavi with Lucid Fusion says just like a business, the Church is about getting the word out, touching the masses, and while Twitter is a good start, Mowlavi says they could do more.

(Mowlavi) "Whether it's Skype or Google Hangout, they can begin to broadcast the sermons across these social media networks."

The Church has said it's up to the new Pope to decide if he wants to continue using Twitter.

(Mowlavi) "The followers of the Catholic Church as well as the followers on Twitter will want to communicate with the new Pope."

Mowlavi says he'd be surprised if the tweets stop.

Sabrina Sabbagh, FOX News Radio.

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