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There's only one voter missing: 114 of the 115 cardinals charged with electing the next Pope have arrived in Rome, with the final one, a Vietnamese cardinal, due to arrive on Thursday, when the date could be set for the Papal Conclave.  And while the cardinals continue to talk and pray amongst themselves, they're no longer talking to the press.

FOX News Radio's Courtney Walsh reports from the Vatican:

The cardinals have decided to stop talking to the press.  Spokesman Father Thomas Rosica says:

(Fr. Rosica) "As they continue this journey and realize the utter seriousness and importance of confidentiality, they make the decision among themselves."

The U.S. cardinals cancelled their daily briefing today after leaks appeared in the Italian press.

So, will a long pre-conclave period mean a quick vote?  Father Rosica says not necessarily.

At the Vatican, Courtney Walsh, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on the cardinals' meetings:

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