Next Pope Challenges

Once elected, the new Pope will face many challenges, including the spiritual challenge of evangelization and some of the Church's more apathetic followers.

FOX's Lauren Green reports in our ongoing series:

As the Princes of the Church convene to select a new Pope, they'll be looking for a man to help the Roman Catholic Church navigate through many challenges ahead.

Number one on the list is the new evangelization: How to inspire a flock of over one billion, to apply a 2,000-year-old faith to their lives.

Apathy runs rampant among members. Catholic commentator and author George Weigel says the church needs to focus less institutional maintenance, and more on its transcendent message.

(Weigel) "The dumbing down of Catholic faith leads to the end of Catholic faith. Raise the bar, keep the faith demanding and challenging and if it's presented winsomely and compellingly enough people will respond."

Also ahead for the new Pope, reforming the Vatican's scandal plagued government, the Curia. Cleaning up the mess of the sex abuse crisis, past, present and future. And also defending religious freedom worldwide. It's a full plate requiring a person with spiritual charisma who's a theological heavyweight.

Lauren Green, Fox News Radio.

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