Since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, not even small knives have been allowed on planes, but that's about to change. The TSA is removing some things currently on its list of prohibited items.

FOX News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal reports:

Box cutters and razors still aren't allowed, but by the end of April, passengers can bring small knives on board with blades no longer than 2.36 inches.

The TSA says the change is part of their overall risk-based security approach, and they're tired of the knives delaying agents. But Veda Shook, International President of the Association of Flight Attendants says that logic does not fly:

(Shook) "What are you envisioning that we're going to have someone at the TSA checkpoint with a, with a little ruler measuring centimeters with, you know, a black mark if it exceeds six centimeters? It doesn't make any sense."

Not to mention that in her opinion its incredibly unsafe.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News Radio.