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A Biblical plague is heading for Israel ahead of the Passover holiday - a swarm of locusts have crossed into the Jewish state from Egypt.

FOX News Radio's Emily Wither has the story from Jerusalem:

Here in the Holy Land, there's an unwelcome guest coming for Passover this year: Locusts, a small devouring army that move with the wind.  They're blowing over from neighboring Egypt and could have a devastating effect on agriculture here in Israel.  The authorities are ready to do battle, sending out planes to spray pesticides on crops and setting up an emergency hotline.

Maybe it's the Egyptians getting their own back - according to the Bible, this was near the time God imposed the ten plagues on the Egyptians.  A huge swarm of locusts was one of them.

In Jerusalem, Emily Wither, FOX News Radio.

WATCH the locusts in Israel: