Sprint Cup Race

There's the Daytona 500, and now... The NRA 500. The NRA is the newest title sponsor for a NASCAR Sprint Cup race.

FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady reports:

The National Rifle Association sponsoring a NASCAR Sprint Cup race for the first time, teaming-up with Texas Motor Speedway, in a one-year deal the Track President says, is about sports marketing... not politics.

The NRA sponsored a second-tier Nationwide race last September.

CEO Wayne LaPierre, calls the new deal part of a long history in a growing partnership between the NRA and the NASCAR community.

NASCAR, which essentially has veto power over a track's sponsors, says this sponsor falls within guidelines for this event.

The NRA 500 will be April 13th, the first scheduled night race in this season's Cup series.

Lisa Brady, FOX News Radio.