Bonnie Franklin

The TV actress best known for her role as the divorced mom on the hit show "One Day At A Time" has died after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

FOX News Radio's Sabrina Sabbagh has reaction to her death:

("One Day At A Time" theme)

The death of the "One Day At A Time" actress has left her fans and co-stars in mourning. Valerie Bertinelli, who played one of her daughters said her heart is breaking; calling Bonnie Franklin one of the most important women in her life. Sally Jessy Raphael tweeted that the world has lost a gifted actress and more importantly, a wonderful lady. In her 2009 memoir, Mackenzie Phillips, who played her other daughter remembered Frankin as hardworking and professional, saying she didn't want it to be sitcom fluffo, she wanted it to deal honestly with the struggles and truths of raising two teenagers as a single mother.

Sabrina Sabbagh, FOX News Radio.

Editor's Note: Franklin's family announced the actress was battling pancreatic cancer in September 2012. She was 69 years old.

Watch the show opening of "One Day At A Time" below: