Missing Sausage

Hot dogs are a classic part of baseball games in America, so classic that one team dresses up some brats for in-game races.  But Milwaukee, there's a problem with the pepperoni!

Dan O'Donnell with FOX News Radio affiliate WISN reports from Milwaukee:

Missing Sausage

The $3,000 Italian sausage used to race during Milwaukee Brewers game was stolen from a fundraiser at a curling club in Cedarburg last week.  Over the weekend, someone wearing that costume turned up at a number of bars and posed for pictures.  Now, police want to know who that person is.

And to help sweeten the deal, Jennifer Connor, President of Mustard Girl All-American Mustards, is offering a year's supply for the costume's safe return.

(Connor) "Because I am a super big fan of all the sausages and we need to get all these links back together again."

In Milwaukee, Dan O'Donnell for FOX News Radio.

Editor's Note: Guido the Italian Sausage is the #3 sausage, dressed as a chef, in the Sausage Race pictures above.