Vatican Pope

Among the challenges the next Pope will face: dealing with birth control issues, both here and overseas.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper reports in the second installment of our special series:

Morning After Pill

President Obama's health care plan has caught the attention of Roman Catholic bishops here in the U.S.  It requires employers to provide health insurance coverage for all FDA-approved contraceptives, including the "morning after" pill.  The Catholic Church is against abortion.  Hobby Lobby has tried to fight the mandate, so has Denver-based heating and air conditioning equipment maker Hercules Industries.  Its CEO, Bill Newland, saying:

(Newland) "We believe that every American, including those in business, have the right to do business in accordance with their faith."

But Monica McCafferty with Planned Parenthood says:

(McCafferty) "All employees should be able to have access to affordable birth control, regardless of who their employer is."

U.S. bishops have asked Congress for help in offering safeguards for religious employers.  Meantime, the German church has OK'd emergency contraception in rape cases.  German bishops were under pressure to clarify their stance after two Catholic hospitals in Cologne turned away a rape victim because of concerns over the pill.

Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.

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