The transportation industry could be taking a hit if  the across-the-board federal spending cuts end up taking effect next Friday, and that could mean flight trouble for travelers.

FOX News Radio's Mike Majchrowitz reports from the White House:

The White House trying a little tough love from a brother Republican on the House GOP. Outgoing Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a former GOP Representative, warned sequester will lead to FAA furloughs, which will mean flight delays, air traffic control tower shut downs and angry voters.

(Lahood) "Your phones are going to start ringing off the hook when these people are delayed at airports and their flights are delayed 90 minutes or their flights are cancelled."

Republicans say it's not that they want the sequester, the House passed two bills to prevent it. They reject the President's demand for another tax hike as part of a deal to undo or delay the sequester.

CLICK HERE for the FAA's list of air traffic control facilities that could be closed.