Danica Patrick

As NASCAR prepares for the official start to the racing season with this weekend's Daytona 500, the sport first marks an important milestone.

FOX News Radio's Marghiee "Trackside" Teshineh reports:

It was 65 years ago today when NASCAR was officially incorporated and still racing on the yet-to-be-built Daytona International Speedway.

(Commercial) "It's come on, boys, let's go in the hustle before the spectacular 100-mile Beach & Road Race for suped up cars at Daytona Beach, Florida."

I asked NASCAR pioneer and recent Hall of Fame inductee Leonard Wood about the changes that have impacted the sport the most in the last six decades.

(Wood) "Nowadays, it's very computerized, unbelievable.  I never dreamed it could of got this big in all my life."

This weekend marks the 55th running of the Daytona 500.

Marghiee Teshineh, FOX News Radio.

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