2-21 Wheelchair

A lot more people are using wheelchairs at airports, but many of them are perfectly healthy.

FOX News Radio's Steve Knight reports:

One airport wheelchair attendant says, "We call 'em miracles"-- people wheeled past security and right to the gate who suddenly jump up, grab their bags and rush onto the plane.

Federal law requires that anybody who asks for a wheelchair be given one, free, no questions asked.

A Wall Street Journal survey finds that fraudulent wheelchair use is up all across the country.

Officials at the LA airport estimate that 15% of all requests are phony.

Airports can't challenge anybody requesting a wheelchair and they can't refuse service.

Disability advocates point out that illegitimate requests for wheelchairs at LA's airport often add 20 minutes to the wait for a wheelchair for a traveler who really needs one.

Steve Knight, Fox News Radio.