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Good cholesterol? Bad cholesterol? How about no-big-deal cholesterol?

FOX News Radio's Hank Weinbloom reports in today's Housecall for Health:

When it comes to heart disease, the number one killer in America, one doctor says cholesterol isn't even a risk factor. Dr. Jonny Bowden says cholesterol is actually a pretty minor player that doctors are trying too hard to lower.

(Dr. Bowden) "It's not even a really good predictor of heart disease."

Bowden, author of 'The Great Cholesterol Myth,' says doctors need to focus on important factors like inflammation, stress and sugar in the diet.

But discuss heart disease with your doctor.

The American Heart Association says all cholesterol is not created equal, and too much of one type or not enough of another can put you at risk for heart disease.

Housecall for Health, I'm Hank Weinbloom, FOX News Radio.