APTOPIX Disabled Cruise Ship

Passengers from the ill-fated carnival Carnival Triumph unloaded from the ship late Thursday into early Friday at the port of Mobile, Alabama, ending nearly week of exile on a broken ship with limited food and bad sanitation.

Carnival Triumph

FOX News Radio's Eben Brown was there as they exited the cruise terminal:

APTOPIX Disabled Cruise Ship


Scurrying off the gangplank, dragging suitcases and draped in bathrobes, Triumph's passengers were looking at the bright side of their nightmare.

(Debbie Moyes) "I know they're very sorry. I know they didn't mean for it to happen. There are things I wish they would have done better."

Disabled Cruise Ship

Five days at sea with no power or bathrooms. Adriana Perez of Houston says she's done with boats...

(Perez) "Never again in my life, will I go on another cruise."

But Mike Westwood of San Antonio is ready for another go-around...

(Westwood) "I'd go tomorrow. You fall off a bicycle you don't, you don't never ride it again."

He just wants a shower first.

In Mobile, Eben Brown, FOX News Radio.

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