Hillary Rodham Clinton

The latest FOX News polls show two women, both former Secretaries of State, as the top picks for President in 2016, and that political affiliation is an important part of love this Valentine’s Day.

FOX News Radio’s Jeff Monosso reports:

Condoleezza Rice

The latest FOX News poll asks who’d make a good President in 2016: 55% of voters like Hillary Clinton, while 43% of voters like Condoleezza Rice, then New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Wisconsin Congressman Republican Paul Ryan.

(Blanton) “The candidate who receives the highest level of support from within their party is also Clinton – 83% of self-identified Democrats say she would be a good President.  Among Republicans, 62% feel that way about Paul Ryan.”

And FOX News Polling Director Dana Blanton says overall, Vice President Joe Biden and former Florida Republican Governor Jeb Bush are the potential 2016 Presidential candidates that voters in the FOX poll say wouldn’t make a good President.

The majority of voters say it’s important to choose a Valentine who shares the same views on politics.

(Blanton) “So, 55% say it’s, it’s important, 28% feel it’s very important to find someone who shares their lenience.”

…Or it just won’t work.  But FOX News Polling Director Dana Blanton says 45% of voters say politics doesn’t matter in their love life.  The FOX poll showed that more women than men want the same political views in their partners, while Democrats and Republicans are about evenly split in the need for a Valentine who’s on the same page politically.

Jeff Monosso, FOX News Radio.