Bin Laden

What's it like to be the one who shot Usama bin Laden? That Navy SEAL is speaking out, anonymously.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports:

Esquire Magazine only calls him 'The Shooter':

(Bronstein) "He really felt they were walking into an ambush."

Investigative reporter Phil Bronstein says just before the raid the shooter wrote what he thought were goodbye letters to his kids:

(Bronstein) "He describes tears hitting the page."

Then he details firing the three kill shots and seeing Usama bin Laden's last breath. The shooter is now retired and says despite all the combat he's faced what scares him most is civilian life:

(Bronstein) "He did not get healthcare. He certainly didn't get a pension."

No pension because he didn't put in 20 years. Critics of the Esquire story point out the shooter is eligible for five years of free healthcare, but Bronstein adds:

(Bronstein) "He had briefings at the SEAL command as he was leaving, and he said no one ever brought it up."

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

EDITOR'S NOTE: A Navy spokesman tells FOX News that the individual went through an approved transition course and, like all transitioning service members, was/is eligible for benefits - including medical - from the VA, though it is the individual service member's responsibility to work directly with the VA on those benefits.

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