LA Police Shootings

A manhunt is underway for Christopher Jordan Dorner, a former Los Angeles Police Department officer, who is the suspect in a double murder and multiple police shootings.  Big Bear ski resort, near one of the primary search areas, has closed down for the day.

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FOX News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal has the latest on the manhunt from Los Angeles:

LA Police Shootings

Authorities in the mountains of San Bernardino are searching for Christopher Dorner.  This is also close to where a burning car was found that may have belonged to him.

Dorner, who is furious over how he was fired from the LAPD, threatened in a manifesto to go after cops using the small arms, demolition and survival training he has.  In the manifesto, he mentions officers by name.

(Beck) "I think that, in the analysis, you will find Dorner's statements to be self-serving and the statements of somebody that is extremely unhappy with his lot in life."

That's LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.  Two officers have been wounded - one killed.  On Sunday, the daughter of a retired Captain and her fiance were killed.

In LA, Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News Radio.

Click HERE to read Christopher Dorner's manifesto

LA Police Shootings

LISTEN to Irvine, California Police Chief David Maggard speak on the manhunt:

LISTEN to Los Angeles Police Sergeant Rudy Lopez speak on the suspect and his threat to police officers:

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