Monopoly New Token

Something new to send directly to jail, without collecting $200... Hasbro Inc. announcing Wednesday that there is a new token coming to the Monopoly board.

FOX News Radio's Chris Foster reports:

Monopoly New Tokens

Players rolling the dice in Monopoly...

Monopoly New Token

Will have a new token to move around the board: A cat, replacing the iron as one of the game's eight tokens.

Millions, voting online on which one to add, and which one to dump.

The toy maker Hasbro, announcing the results. The cat beat out a diamond ring, guitar, helicopter, and a robot.

It'll be included in new Monopoly sets starting later this year. The first new token since theĀ ScottieĀ dog and wheelbarrow were added in the early 1950's.

Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.