Social Security

Social Security is already on life support and now the Federal Government is trying to make it more difficult for people to scam the system.

FOX's David Lee Miller reports:

Eight point eight million Americans now receive Social Security Disability Insurance. That's more than the population of New York City. Analyst David John of the Heritage Foundation warns, fraud and abuse are out of control.

Lasher: "Social Security just simply doesn't have the ability at this point in time to go and recheck people the way it should, the way that it's actually required to do."

In addition to physical ailments, easily faked mental disorders make it difficult to catch cheats. Assistant Inspector General Jonathan Lasher has this warning for potential fraudsters:

Lasher: "We get about 135,000 allegations a year. From the public, from members of Congress, from Social Security employees who are very good at spotting it."

Unless Congress acts, the Disability Trust Fund could be broke in the next three years.

In New York, David Lee Miller, FOX News Radio.

Watch the VIDEO below for more on this story:

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