Sugary Drinks Lawsuit

Critics of New York City's plan to crack down on the size of sugary drinks have asked a judge to put the rule on hold.

FOX News Radio's Pat O'Neill reports from New York City:

Groups representing beverage companies and restaurants have filed a court request for an enforcement delay.  The rule, pushed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, would bar many eateries from selling high-sugar drinks in containers bigger than 16oz.

(Bloomberg) "In addition to the tragic human toll, obesity is placing a growing burden on public finances.  Obesity costs New York City alone over $4 billion in direct medical costs each year."

Businesses say it's not right to make them incur the expenses of complying before there's a decision on their lawsuit seeking to block it entirely.  The rule is due to take effect on March 12th.

Pat O'Neill, FOX News Radio.

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