Indiana has seen a rise in gun permit applications over the last few years, but also a rise in denials of those applications.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper reports in our month-long series "Guns in America".

Guns in America.

Indiana State Police last year denied just over 2,000 gun permit applications statewide. That's nearly double the 1,054 applications denied by the agency in 2009.

But Captain David Bursten with the Indiana State Police tells FOX News Radio...

(Bursten) "There's a certain percentage that's going to be denied. Is that percentage up a little bit over the last couple of years? Yes, but the real increase has been in the number of people that are requesting the license."

Captain Bursten thinks that jump stems from the national gun debate.

(Bursten) "I think it's fair to say that some people think there could be changes in the laws and they want to take the opportunity, at this time, to get a permit."

But Indiana residents will have to wait awhile. The wait for a permit is close to 3.5 months compared to the estimated 2.5 months a year ago.

Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.

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