Super Bowl Football

Super Bowl XLVII was definitely one to remember for players and fans both in the stadium and at home, with everything from blackouts to the always-talked-about commercials.

Super Bowl Football

At the Superdome, there was an extended break shortly after halftime when the half of the lights mysteriously went out.

FOX News Radio's Ron Flatter was there and reports from New Orleans:

Super Bowl Football

When Ravens fans look back on their team's second Super Bowl championship, they may well call it the "Power Failure Game."  Most of the lights went out at the Superdome in the 3rd quarter as the Ravens were cruising along with a 28-6 lead over San Francisco.

(Ravens fan) "Oh, this is awful!  We have all the momentum in the world right now!"

A lot of Ravens fans were saying the same thing, and this 49ers fan showed her practical side.

(49ers fan) "What did they do before there were lights?  They should just play!"

Well, when they did resume play, the 49ers erased most of Baltimore's lead, but the lead Joe Flacco built for the Ravens with three touchdown passes in the first half did hold up: Baltimore won, 34-31.

Covering Super Bowl XLVII from New Orleans, Ron Flatter, FOX News Radio.

CLICK HERE to read a statement from Entergy & SMG on the power loss.

Super Bowl Commercial

In between all of the action is the main reason some people watch the game: the commercials.  What ones are people buzzing about?

Taco Bell - "Viva Young"

What happens after the lights go out at a nursing home?  Not what you'd think, apparently.

Dodge - "God Made a Farmer"

One of the most talked about ads on Twitter, featuring the voice of legendary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey, who passed away in 2009.

Oreo - "Whisper Fight"

A commercial that's getting a lot of buzz, but very mixed reviews.  Some say it lacks originality, others think breaking the rules while abiding by one classic rule is a brilliant plot.

Hyundai - "Team"

Sometimes, picking on someone your own size can be a dangerous idea.

Budweiser - "The Clydesdales: Brotherhood"

If you go by what social media has to say, this may be the biggest tear-jerker of the night.

Doritos - "Goat 4 Sale"

Part of Doritos' fan-made online commercial initiative, Crash the Super Bowl.

GoDaddy - "Perfect Match: Bar Refaeli's Big Kiss!"

Perhaps the most disliked commercial, it was easy to find people talking about it on social media.  It was just really difficult to find anyone with anything good to say. #awkward