Bullying Study

A study believed to be the first of its kind has been published in the journal "Pediatrics" on teens who were bullied over their sexual orientation.

FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady has the findings:

The seven-year study of 4,000 gay, lesbian and bisexual teens in England revealed at least one encouraging trend: As they got older, the bullying subsided.  At the beginning, just over half the teens said they'd been bullied.  By the end, that was down to 9% of the boys, 6% of the girls.

Co-author Ian Rivers describing a "sea change" in both cultural acceptance of gays and intolerance for bullying during the study, which ended in 2010.  Still, by ages 19 & 20, the gay men were nearly four times more likely to be bullied than straight peers.

Lisa Brady, FOX News Radio.