Archaeologists: Skeleton is King Richard III

    Britain Richard III

    British archaeologists say a dig in a parking lot was worth it, as they believe they've identified the remains of the last British king to die on the battlefield.

    FOX News Radio's Simon Owen reports from London:

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    Britain Richard III

    It's 500 years since Richard III's remains were lost.  Archaeologists dug up this parking lot after suggestions it could be the site of his grave, and they believe a skeleton they found is that of the former king.

    (Taylor) "Today, we bear witness to history.  We peer into medieval times and literally reach into a grave."

    Richard Taylor with researchers at the University of Leicester, calling the discovery astonishing.  They analyzed the skeleton's bone structure and conducted DNA tests with help from a distant relative.

    In London, Simon Owen, FOX News Radio.

    Britain Richard III