Germany Marks Hitler Anniversary

    Adolf Hitler

    Germany is marking 80 years since a key date in Adolf Hitler's rise to power in the country ahead of World War II.

    FOX News Radio's Simon Owen reports from our European bureau:

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    Adolf Hitler became Germany's leader, the Chancellor, in January 1933.  A year later, he declared the Nazi Party was the country's only political party.  After six years, World War II began.

    (Merkel speech in German)

    Germany's current Chancellor, Angela Merkel, using the anniversary to warn Germans complacency among the general population helped Hitler to seize power, and that it must always be guarded against.

    A number of recent European elections have seen a surge in support for far-right parties.  It's thought Europe's financial problems could be part of the reason for their success, with far-right candidates often campaigning against unpopular austerity measures.

    In London, Simon Owen, FOX News Radio.