FOX on Tech: Predicting the Super Bowl

1-30 Super Bowl Prediction

Spoiler alert: We know who will win Sunday’s Super Bowl.  Or at least one companies thinks they know who will win.

FOX News Radio’s Chris Hoenig explains:

1-30 Super Bowl Prediction 3

FOX on Tech. has run a simulation of Sunday’s game 50,000 times.  The result:

(Bessire) “67% of the time, we see San Francisco win – 28-21, the predicted score.”

They use analysis of every player on every play to come up with their formula.  What site GM Paul Bessire has found:

(Bessire) “San Francisco is elite in everything except for special teams.  Baltimore is only elite in special teams.”

To top it off, they have an app that will run 50,000 simulations after every play on Sunday to update the final score.

(Bessire) “If there’s a critical injury, we know exactly how impactful that player was by simulating 50,000 times from that point to the end of the game.”

Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.

1-30 Super Bowl Prediction 2

Bessier says their simulations also predict that:

-49er’s QB Colin Kaepernick will run for 38 yards on six carries.  He will also outpass Joe Flacco (by measure of yards) en route to winning the MVP award.

-49er’s RB Frank Gore will run for 89 yards, almost as much as the Ravens will on the night (98 yards).  Baltimore RB Ray Rice will be pick up only 60 yards on the ground.

This is the 10th Super Bowl for the folks at PredictionMachine.  They are 7-2 overall, but 9-0 against the betting spread.