It's a medical miracle for a Veteran, who lost his limbs while serving in Iraq. He's recovering from a double-arm transplant.

FOX News Radio's Kerin McCue has the story:

Twenty six year-old Brendan Marrocco lives in New York City. He served in Iraq where in 2009, he lost all four of his limbs to a roadside bomb. Fast forward to December, 2012. Marrocco, the first soldier to survive such an injury in Iraq, received a double arm transplant at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. He also received bone marrow from the same dead donor to minimize the risk of his body rejecting his new limbs.

He's led by example before; like when a custom-made house was built for him.

Marrocco: "I just hope anything that I do can help other wounded guys down the line."

The military's picking up the transplant tab.

Kerin McCue, FOX News Radio.