CDC: Salmonella Outbreak After Beef Recall

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    Experts always advise people not to eat raw or undercooked meat to lessen the risks of food-bourne illnesses.  Not following that advice has led to a Salmonella outbreak, which is linked with a recent beef recall.

    FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady reports:

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    The CDC confirms at least 16 people sickened by Salmonella poisoning in five states - about half of them hospitalized.  And at least seven of them ate the same meal at a suburban Detroit restaurant: A raw ground beef dish.

    The cases linked to last week's recall of more than 1,000 pounds of ground beef from two Michigan businesses: Gab Halal Foods and Jouni Meats.  Additional illnesses scattered in Arizona, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.

    Lisa Brady, FOX News Radio.

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