Iowa Police To Buy Own AR-15s

    Courtesy: File Photo

    The Police Chief in Marion, Iowa wants to level the playing field with the bad guys, so he is suggesting a plan to more heavily arm some of his officers.

    FOX News Radio's Steve Knight explains:

    Audio clip:

    Only about 38,000 people live in Marion. There were no murders there last year. But, Police Chief Harry Daugherty is worried that his 50 officers could be out-gunned by criminals.

    FOX News has learned that he wants the city to okay his plan to have half of the officers buy their own AR-15 assault rifles, $2,000 each, to be paid for by deductions from paychecks.

    Chief Daugherty says this would mean that first-responders have enough firepower to deal with heavily armed suspects. Currently, only officers on Marion's 12 member SWAT team carry AR-15s. And, Daugherty says, "We can't wait for SWAT to get there."

    Steve Knight, FOX News Radio.