Women in Combat Ban Removed [VIDEO]

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has announced that American women will be allowed to serve in combat.

FOX News Radio's Eben Brown has reaction from Miami:

Audio clip:

Allowing women to serve in ground combat opens advancement opportunities, says Army Captain Jessy Flores. She was attached to a combat group in Afghanistan.

(Flores) "Talking to you as a woman, yes, it is a significant announcement. You will go to career fields that previously were not available. So, like, everything new is exciting."

And while she says not every woman will be able to cut it as a combat troop, they now can give it a shot. And if anything, combat commanders will have more troops at their disposal.

In Miami, Eben Brown, FOX News Radio.

LISTEN to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta speak on lifting the ban of women in combat:

Audio clip:

Audio clip:

Read statement below from Jessica Lynch on women in combat roles:

"The announcement by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to allow women to enter combat roles is good news for our military. For years, women have been integral to our successes in the fight for freedom throughout the world. We as Americans must continue to not only support our men and women in the military but also become their advocates, pushing our leaders to ensure those individuals have proper training and equipment. The total support of our military - those in combat and those here at home -protects every American."

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